Piano Care Tips

Proper piano care is critical to keep your piano in good shape inside and out. Proper inside maintenance will ensure your piano sounds great and proper outside care will keep it beautiful for years to come. Below we have included a variety of piano care tips to keep your piano at it best.



  1. Be sure to get your piano tuned on a regular basis. This means no less than once a year.
  2. Do not set wet glasses or soft drink cans and bottles on your instrument. Nor live plants, even if the container is closed on the bottom. The moisture will get to the finish and leave a big ugly ring. Moisture can even soak into the veneer and cause it to buckle. If you must use the piano to set drinks on, take care and use a coaster.
  3. If you move it to another house, please contact Dallas Piano Movers at 214-916-0285. We are professional piano movers. Many times the employees of typical moving companies are simply not experienced at moving pianos.
  4. If you have a grand piano, feather dusting inside under the top is o.k. With a feather duster, one does not put any force or pressure on the dampers or strings. Blowing the hard to reach dust out with a hair dryer on the coolest setting is o.k. Cleaning a grand yourself is not recommended. Call a technician for that. Only he knows how to safely pull and clean an action. Uprights included.
  5. Do not use any kind of oil or solvent inside or out!!
  6. If you wish to deep clean the inside of your upright piano, call your tuner. It is a much better idea to let him do it. After all, it’s his job to know how to take care of the inside of a piano. Never try to vacuum the inside yourself. No telling what parts you might vacuum out!
  7. Never, let direct sunlight hit your piano. Close the curtains during the day. At least in that window or windows. Sunlight will not only grossly fade the finish, it will also knock it way out of tune! And may cause damage.
  8. Have your piano tuned once a year. Regular tuning is just simply good care.
  9. If your piano does not feel right or play like you think it should maybe the action needs a regulation. Again call a technician. He will know how to care for a sick action.
  10. Feather dust the finish on your piano then gently wipe it off with a clean dry cotton cloth. Dust and other particles can be abrasive. Feather dusting first will help avoid surface scratches. Don’t use polish, because most polishes will streak or build up over time.
  11. Always use caster cups under the wheels to protect your flooring.
  12. Take care not to place your piano next to or even near a fireplace or central air vent. Dry heat will ruin it. If it must be near a vent, then close that vent. Cold air, such as from an air conditioner will do no harm. Drastic temperature changes from hot to cold are hard on your instrument. Try to maintain a constant temperature.
  13. If you have to put your piano in storage:
    Don’t, if at all possible. Pianos are like people who prefer safe and cozy homes, away from drafts, dampness and rodents. Putting a piano into storage usually means moving it from a comfortable house to a cold and drafty warehouse. Even if the facility is advertised as “climate-controlled,” it is rarely as well-regulated as a home. The more variable the temperature and humidity, the faster a piano deteriorates.

At Dallas Piano Movers, we realize what a precious investment your piano truly is. We hope that we have provided some valuable incite toward the care of your piano. You can also have the peace of mind that when you have trusted your piano to our staff at Dallas Piano Movers you have made the right choice. We will treat your piano as if it were our own. If you have any questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Dallas Piano Movers at 214-916-0285.