Piano Care Tips

Proper piano care is critical to keep your piano in good shape inside and out. Proper inside maintenance will ensure your piano sounds great and proper outside care will keep it beautiful for years to come. Below we have included a variety of piano care tips to keep your piano at it best.



  1. Be sure to get your piano tuned on a regular basis. This means no less than once a year.
  2. Do not set wet glasses or soft drink cans and bottles on your instrument. Nor live plants, even if the container is closed on the bottom. The moisture will get to the finish and leave a big ugly ring. Moisture can even soak into the veneer and cause it to buckle. If you must use the piano to set drinks on, take care and use a coaster.
  3. If you move it to another house, please contact Dallas Piano Movers at 214-916-0285. We are professional piano movers. Many times the employees of typical moving companies are simply not experienced at moving pianos. Continue reading